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Generally speaking, seafood is any meal with fish, shellfish, or seaweeds. These dishes are often jam-packed with high-quality protein. And that explains why they are gaining so much popularity. On top of that, seafood offers the perfect blend of essential and micronutrients.

With that out of the way, it’s time for the deep dive.

Here Are Some of the Topics We Cover Inside:

Standards and certifications for seafood restaurants – The food industry is heavily regulated in many countries, and the UK is no exception. To operate a seafood restaurant, for example, you need two permits. The first one allows you to set up a physical location. Then there’s one that regulates the quality of produce and service. Everything must fall in line with the directives to get clearance. Read more about seafood restaurant permits in our full blog.

Handling seafood the right way – The first step towards running a successful seafood restaurant is treating the product right. Remember that most of the shellfish are quite delicate, and any damage would result in a quality dip. Beyond that, you might also want to separate the products and keep them at the right temperatures. Anything short of that would result in mixed flavours or worse. Feel free to check out our blog for more info on seafood handling ethics.

How to choose a seafood restaurant – If you’re finding it hard to choose a restaurant, we have got you covered. Our detailed post covers everything you need to know before making this decision. For starters, make sure the reviews are decent. That is the easiest way to differentiate an excellent service from a horrible one. Then there are other things like variety, location, and class to consider. Read more about this exciting topic in our full blog.

Qualities of great seafood restaurants – Reputation is a big thing in the food industry, and it can also be a slippery slope. Competitors can decide to soil each other’s reputation with a couple of bad reviews to mislead potential customers. So, it would be better to ask for an honest review from a friend or show up there yourself. Check for things like customer service, quality of food, and location before judging a service. We go more in-depth on this topic inside.